Tour „Garvanov Kamak“

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Tour „Garvanov Kamak“

The tour has a total length of about 30 kilometers! Divided into two parts - climbing to the endpoint - Ancient Thracian Sanctuary – “Garvanov Kamak” (a peak in the Rhodope Mountains at 1400m above sea level) and then descending back.

3 h.

1-4 particip.




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3 h.


The escape from boredom

We start the tour from the village of Vetren dol, and after three straights we enter the Rhodopes directly. The first part we climb entirely the mountain through different terrains with variable slopes and scenic views. We rest at the end point and start the descent back, which does offer a completely different terrain and experience.

Tour „Garvanov Kamak“



With electric dirt bikes

Our Sur-Ron Light Bee motorbikes are suitable for both easy rides and more challenging enduro trails. You get a 6KW motor and 250 Nm torque on the rear wheel. With its weight of 49 kg (108 lbs) and 2 riding modes, the dynamics is guaranteed.

We provide you with a motorbike, equipment and technical assistance

Motorbikes are 100% electric - no noise and exhaust emissions



"Church of God" area

12-meter Christian Cross above the village. After the beautiful view from the "Bogova Cherkva" area, we pass through a picturesque pine forest with forest paths and beautiful scenery to begin the actual ascent of the Rhodope Mountains. Next come variable steep terrains with different slopes offering a great dose of adrenaline.


Climbing the Rhodopes

Passing through the hunting lodge in the village of Vetren dol, our road passes the monument to the partisan Detelina Mincheva. Through different meadows, forests, and dirt roads we reached our final point at 1400m above sea level - the ancient Thracian sanctuary "Raven Stone". From the top of the rock, there is a stunning view of the Batak dam, the entire Kostandovo Valley, the “Tsepina” fortress, the town of Velingrad, the majestic “Alabak hill”, “Elin” peak, “Kalchish” peak, the “Batash snowfield”, “Milevi skali” peak.

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Stunning nature view


Picturesque pine forest

The route passes through a picturesque pine forest, various dirt roads, meadows, forest paths and slopes. We follow the route - Vetren dol village - "Bogova church" area (12 meter Christian cross above the village) – „Karmova cheshma“ area - "Golak" area - hunting lodge Vetren dol - "Elin peak" peak (ancient Thracian sanctuary "Raven Stone") - "Golak" area - chapel of St. Georgi - the village of Vetren dol.


Tour final

Going down the mountain offers us a completely different terrain, full of obstacles and adrenaline. We finish the tour passing through the "Gergiova Church" sanctuary. Charged with positive emotions from the beauty and mysticism of the Rhodope Mountains and a lot of adrenaline from the unique off-road experience with the motorcycles, we reach the end point at Vetren dol. A unique experience that you will certainly want to experience again with your closest people.

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Our clients' experiences

Най-готиното изживяване, което съм имал от много време насам! Вече се записахме за нов тур!

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Иван Иванов

ИТ специалист

Най-готиното изживяване, което съм имал от много време насам! Вече се записахме за нов тур!

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Петър Маринов


Най-готиното изживяване, което съм имал от много време насам! Вече се записахме за нов тур!

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Мартин Попов



Still wondering?

Do we rent and ride the bike by ourselves or there will be a guidе?

There are 1 or 2 guides for every tour. Their role is not only to show the tour participants the trails but also to provide them with technical assistance, as well as with first aid in case of an accident.

How big could the group be?

The maximum number of participants depends on the specific place you rent the motorbikes from. Call us to get up-to-date information.

Do I need equipment?

We provide you with a helmet, glasses, upper-body armour and knee pads. The use of a bonnet under the helmet is mandatory. If you don't have a bonnet, you can buy one on the spot. If you don't have any motocross boots, wear stable high ankle shoes. Other types of shoes would get you tired sooner and would expose you at a higher risk of accidents.

Is a reservation required?

Yes, reservation + payment is mandatory in order to keep the bikes for you charged and waiting and also to schedule the guides.

Are there any other places where I can ride?

Yes, you could have a look at all the spots on our map.

Our dirt bikes are waiting for you!

We are offering you a way to escape and find something new inside yourself that will light up your passion and emotions.

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