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We make sure everyone gets an enjoyable, safe and unforgettable experience while participating in our motorbike tours.

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About us

Who are we?

We are a group of young people who love electric motorbikes, people and nature! Our mission is to take you to the most beautiful places in an exciting way that you'll remember for a lifetime!

The first business in Bulgaria to rent electric cross motorbikes

The fastest growing community for electric motorbikes in Bulgaria.


Our community

Join the fastest growing electric motorbike community in Bulgaria.

When you come to drive, you'll be given an access to a group of hundreds of our customers and friends, and we guarantee new acquaintances for you every time!

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Viber Adrenaline Sharing Group


About our bikes

As of today, Sur - Ron is the best selling electric dirt bike with over 300 000 sold units across the world. Despite its huge power the bike is easy to ride which makes it a friend of every tourist. Our bikes provoke true interest and real smiles while on the trails. Get in touch with nature like never before! Join our tours!


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Light Bee X

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Storm Bee

Sur-Ron Electric Dirt Bikes


We know how stressful life in the city is, and that's why we offer you a way to escape and find out something new inside yourself that will light up your passion and emotions.

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