Sur-Ron Electric Dirt Bikes


Electric Extreme offers assistance in the development of franchise branches throughout Bulgaria.

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Growth for your business

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Gain dirt bike fans as customers

The most common reason for one to not be a motorcycle rider is not any lack of desire but lack of a drivers license and knowledge of how to change gears. Our service resolves this difficulty and gives freedom to anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle to get on a motorbike and have fun. The business potential is huge since the service is used by both men and women, aged between 12 and 60 years. Over 50% of our customers return and rent a motorbike again, bringing between 1 and 5 new customers. Realize the potential of your business or start a new one with our franchise chain!

Good opportunity for additional income

Our franchise chain еnables you to earn in two ways:
1. Renting motorbikes
2. You will increase your main business' income (hotel, guest house, tourist attraction).

Make the most of the beautiful nature around you and start a business in symbiosis with it!

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Take advantage of our international advertising

Electric Extreme is a Bulgarian franchise chain with partnerships all over the world. We are partners with similar sites in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia, and Romania. We organize trips from Bulgaria to other countries as well as foreign visits to Bulgaria on behalf of those who'd like to ride motorbikes. We realise that the only guarantee of having business success is a quality service and massive advertising. We do everything necessary so that each of our franchise recipient would have both!

About us

Who are Electric Extreme?

Electric Extreme is the first business in Bulgaria to rent electric dirt bikes Sur-Ron. We chose the Sur-Ron brand because the bikes are easy to ride, there is no need of a motorbike driving license, and the silence while riding gives you a touch with nature like nothing else could. We love adrenaline and we are inviting you to an adventure with us!

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The first business in Bulgaria to rent electric cross motorbikes


About our bikes

As of today, Sur - Ron is the best selling electric dirt bike with over 300 000 sold units across the world. Despite its huge power the bike is easy to ride which makes it a friend of every tourist. Our bikes provoke true interest and real smiles while on the trails. Get in touch with nature like never before! Join our tours!


maximum speed


battery life




charging time

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Light Bee X

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Light Bee S

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Storm Bee

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For you

What type of businesses are suitable?

The dirt bike tours will add more value and will gain customers returning every year.


Hotels and guest houses among the nature


Accommodation spots in small villages or big cities


Tourist sites among the nature

Sur-Ron Electric Dirt Bikes


Electric Extreme offers assistance in the development of franchise branches throughout Bulgaria.

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